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Undercard W JK 7:15 AM 50 mins
Overthrow Intensity Tiffany 12:00 PM 35 mins
Overthrow Intensity Tiffany 12:45 PM 35 mins
Undercard W Darma 7:00 PM 50 mins
Overthrow Darma 8:15 PM 50 mins
Overthrow Tiffany 7:15 AM 50 mins
Overthrow Tiffany 12:15 PM 50 mins
Overthrow SBarbara 5:45 PM 50 mins
Undercard Sam 7:15 PM 50 mins
Undercard SBarbara 10:30 AM 50 mins
Overthrow SBarbara 11:40 AM 50 mins
Undercard SBarbara 3:00 PM 50 mins
Undercard SSam 9:15 AM 50 mins
Overthrow SSam 10:15 AM 50 mins
Undercard JK 11:30 AM 50 mins
Undercard Sharmane 7:00 PM 50 mins
Overthrow Sharmane 8:15 PM 50 mins
Overthrow Barbara 6:45 PM 50 mins
Undercard Sharmane 8:15 PM 50 mins
Undercard Darma 7:15 AM 50 mins
Overthrow Darma 12:15 PM 50 mins
Undercard Barbara 7:00 PM 50 mins
Overthrow Barbara 8:15 PM 50 mins
- If the desired class is full, add yourself to the waitlist and we'll call or email you once a spot opens up. No enrollment will take place without your prior consent.
- If you can't make it for class, please ensure you cancel early of up to 4 hours before for a full class credit refund. If you do not cancel and miss a class, it will be regarded as a no-show and no refunds will be given. For those on a 7-day trial, late cancels will result in a 1 day deduction from your trial, and for no-shows, your unlimited trial will be forfeited.
- For first-time punchers, please make sure you arrive 30 minutes before the UNDERCARD class so that we can get you wrapped up and settled in. You will be required to attend a mandatory boxing introduction that will start 15 minutes before the scheduled class start time. To be respectful of others and prevent disruption, late arrivals exceeding the 5 minute courtesy will not be allowed in.